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I am Guillermo Martínez. Born in January 1987 in Burgos, a small city in the north of Spain, where no one could expect how cold it is. Along my life I have been living in many cities because I love to travel and feel like a citizen in each place. I love design, coding, art, photography, speaking in another language, walking around and above all making the difference among everything. After many approaches to design, I have chosen to focus on graphic/web design and development because I enjoy the satisfaction of producing unique work and seeing the immediate result of what I have built myself in front of my eyes. I strive to always keep learning and researching, equipping myself with tools to approach any new challenge.

If do you have a challenge in mind, don't hesitate to contact me.

Regardless of all the work has take to develope all this projects, my field of expertise is web design and development, and you can see some of my works on Martins Graphic.